What’s on Your Plate Tonight?

Mornington Peninsula offers quality fruit this is grown, bred or raised locally

I’m very supportive of food technologies as it helps to reduce starvation. But there’re times I’m just as concerned on what I’m feeding my children with. $6 whole chicken that is available in supermarket just weeks after hatching? You get for you pay for …

Along the peninsula you don’t just find quality produce, you can be confident on how it was grown and raised.

The green wedge zone along the peninsula has made our famers proud. Cheese, truffles, olives, apples, honey just to name a few great produce. While it is fruit picking season, we put a spotlight on our berries. A colder than usual start to spring had delayed their ripening. But from the 25th November weekend many farms have started opening to the public.

Strawberry Sunny Ridge Mornington Peninsula Fruit Picking
A child picks his first strawberries at the Sunny Ridge Farm

Australia is a lucky country when it comes to fruit. Many of us still live the Australian dream, having a yard, growing our own fruit which ripen on the trees, rather than on the trucks. This is a luxury many of our big cities neighbours can hardly experience.

Even more fortunately many Peninsula farmers are doing the hard work for us. During season they open their gates and we can pick our own fruit. There is a huge variety and many other fruit produce, like a delicious cider.

Most importantly they’re from trusted sources. Mornington Peninsula Produce promotes locally grown produce, that has been ethically and sustainably farmed, bred or raised.

The 2017 Farm Gate Map is a great resource. It tells you what’s in season at which part of the peninsula. Follow it to avoid disappointment.

Here are our recommendations:

Red Hill Cherry Farm

Ripe N Ready Cherry Farm

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Fresh strawberry ripen on stem Sunny Ridge Farm Mornington Peninsula
I picked a huge strawberry!

Besides the mouth watering fruits, it is a very good family outing. We’d recommend picking early in the day, to avoid the crowd and the heat. While many of us are used to the city lifestyle, please educate our children and ourselves on the etiquette of fruit picking. At the end these are working farms producing our food. Let’s break less branches, climb no trees; and of course have lots of fun, take lots of pictures and enjoy eating the cherries!

Happy picking!


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