Cottage House Manual

This cottage manual is prepared to assist our guests during their stay. It includes the frequently asked items. For further assistance, please contact us on:

  • (Preferred) email
  • Duty manager phone: 03 90288428
  • Emergency after hours contact: 0416 119 451


We welcome our guests bringing their pets with them, please refer to our pet friendly page, our corresponding Terms & Conditions section, and also our blog.

High Chairs

We provide high chairs.

  1. At the Beach Club Cottage – a high chair is stored in the communal laundry, it is available on a first come first served basis among our staying guests.
  2. At the Dolphin and Starfish Cottages – a high chair is stored away in the master bedroom’s wardrobe.

Rubbish Collection

The council’s rubbish collection is weekly on early Monday morning. We’d appreciate your assistance to push the bins to the curb side on Monday evening (or Sunday morning if you are checking out) and retrieve them on Tuesday evening.


Before you ask for assistance:

  1. Check the main circuit board, has any circuit breaker been tripped.
  2. Check the circuit breaker. For example, spills on the cooktop may trip the circuit breaker, it does that to protect you. If the circuit breaker is tripped, simply turn it back on. The circuit breaker is located at:
    • Dolphin Cottage – inside the cottage, on the wall behind the dining table.
    • Starfish Cottage – outside the cottage, next to the serving window of the kitchen.
    • Beach Club Cottage – inside the cottage, on the wall next to the bathroom door (see below picture).


Cooktop and Oven

If you have issues turning on the cooktop or oven, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Check the power (see above).
  2. Check the wall switch is on. There is a switch to cut off power as required by building code. It is located on the wall or splash-back near the cooktop, it is usually the middle button and labeled. 
  3. For the Beach Club Cottage oven only. Check if the timer is on.
  4. For the Beach Club Cottage cooktop only, if the markings are washed off. The 9 o’clock position is the turn off position. 11 o’clock is high heat. 7 o’clock is low heat. It’d take less than a minute to heat up.
  5. For the Beach Club Cottage only, there is a spare portable induction cooktop stored away in the cupboard just in case.


Chromecast allows our guests to mirror their smartphone content to our TVs. To use Chromecast:

  1. Join the cottage’s Wifi network. The Wifi ID and password are given in the check in instructions. Our cottage has unlimited high speed NBN connections.
  2. From your smartphone, mirror to the corresponding source of your cottage.
  3. Select the HTMI source on the TV. They may be a few HTMI sources, go through each of them until you see the Chromecast screen.

DVD Players

Please do NOT disconnect our DVD players from our TVs and power outlet. Our DVD players were connected and tested to work.

Troubleshooting of the DVD player

Connection – Our DVD players use composite cables (Red, White and Yellow) to connect to the TVs. See the Sony connection guide, apply to all models used at our cottage. The pictures below shows the TV settings and cable connection at the Beach Club Cottages.

Select the “AV” source on our TVs.
Cable connection to the bottom of the TVs (not rear).
Cable connection into the DVD players

Operating Instructions – See the Sony Operating Instructions.