What Is a “Professionally Operated Accommodation”?

It means we're begging you to tell us our mistakes and rectify them immediately.

If you’ve been following our blogs, Facebook or website, you might learn that we’re new to this business.

We didn’t believe that it’d take years of experience to make a bed well, and provide a comfy stay.

However it’d be difficult to do it consistently, and ultra difficult to meet every customer’s expectations.

I had been a long time consumer of bed and breakfast. I saw just as many poorly run places as the good ones. Experience of seeing a half eaten sandwich in the fridge, inaccurate advertising, poor response time, the list goes on. One of my friends claimed he saw an used condom under the pillow …. well.

Therefore I dreamed of offering a cozy place like your own home, with a hotel concierge service. What a dream!

No … it must be better than your own home, otherwise why have a holiday, we have to offer an experience… more on that later, about our decorations and renovations.

I must confess that I don’t make my bed everyday. How do I establish and mobilise a team to do their job to a very high standard, consistently?! Here my previous people management experience will add value. But we can’t do it just by ourselves.

We need to engage our customers, learning from the feedback, finding gaps and making plans to improve.

Before we put our cottages on the market, we spent many nights actually living there. I cannot remember the number of small trips I made to the stores, sourcing all the missing essentials. We also let groups of friends staying over, in return of their comments.

Ok ok, they paid the cleaning fees. But there is our time and effort put in, reacting upon all their comments and ideas.

Although we believe most rough corners had been polished. The effort must not stop here.

We must continue to listen, and we beg you to tell us. It’s not just because business lives on positive reviews, it’s because we must be proud of our offerings.

We will also continue learning. We understand that each of our customer’s complain is another disappointed holiday, NOTHING, NOTHING can replace it.

Therefore we take a positive from each of your comments.

An additional mirror outside bathroom to reduce your morning rush, done.

Additional quilts and electric blankets even in summer, done.

Drying rack for your beach clothing, done.

Clearer descriptions, done.

Many more and counting …


There is a story behind the sheets on our guest beds.

We once naively thought as soon as we can afford a quality 1000TC sheet, our guests would have a good night of sleep.

We thought we could wash them at home.

We were too naive too simple.

Once at a chain big brand hotel, I gave a strange look to the cleaning lady in the hallway. She thought I needed a towel or housekeeping. “May I look at your towels and sheets?” … “Do you wash them here or elsewhere?”

Of course she couldn’t tell me but I saw small leads here and there, allowing me to find a supplier, who taught me so much. Thanks Simba.

We also learnt lessons from the locals. Besides wanting to succeed together with the local business, there is so much to learn from. It’s the community spirit here in the peninsula. From the local laundry we learn the right fabric to use.

Bed making six star hotel
It is not as easy as it seems. Making a bed like a 6 stars hotel.

And of course, our new but fantastic housekeeping team, who was almost in tears trying to make a bed, like a 6 stars hotel, on the top bunk. Trust me, it isn’t easy. YouTube is often a great resource, we watch people making beds fast, 72 seconds for a queen bed in fact; and how to make it nice, folding the corners like a pro butler at The Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Paris Housekeeping Tips

In the time being, please, please don’t hesitate telling us if our beds, sheets, quilts, etc can be more comfy, our shower glass can be shinier… Any comments / ideas / experience to share from elsewhere will also be so appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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