Rye Yacht Club

The sport of sailing is an easy sale, the sparkling water, cool gentle sea breeze (unless you’re into racing), and the occasional visit of dolphins swimming next to you …

Learning to sail at the Rye Yacht Club
Learning to sail at the Rye Yacht Club

What people may not realise are many more benefits, especially for the development of our younger ones. One of my friend’s family have been learning to sail at the Rye Yacht Club for a few summers now.

“How do you sail back against the wind?” I asked. “You go zigzag.” My friend replied. “What happens if the wind and current bring you far out into the open blue waters?” … “Well, you’d learn to work the situation calmly, one step at a time, and you make it back to the shore a better man/woman.”

Well said indeed. At the Rye Yacht Club, they teach you more than the skills of sailing, but to be determined and self motivated towards problem solving. Every Sunday morning during the warmer months, you see kids as young as seven, dragging their little sail boats out, with a smile on their face, ready for their challenge ahead.

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Australian Instructor of the Year 2017 teaches children to sail

The Club ran courses for children, supported by safety boats, and taught by the Australian Instructor of the Year 2017. The second time the Club had won this recognition. People may be mistaken that sailing is a sport for the riches. I was amused when I heard about the costs. The Club is very noble in promoting the sport, and ran by many volunteers. They are a strong community who have supported each other and the sport since 1970s.

You don’t have to be the strongest swimmer nor a dare devil to get into the sailing. It can also be a family sport, about a good morning spent over the calmer waters of the bay.

Come visit the Rye Yacht Club at the Rye Foreshore, just a short walk from the pier, or from our cottages; smiles await.